Anthologies Are the Friendliest Literary Form

My Name — Among Way Cooler People’s — on the Back Cover of “40 Below”

Last year, a piece of my short non-fiction was included in 40 Below: Edmonton’s Anthology of Winter.  As always, I was thrilled to get the gig.  The book was released three months after my novel’s debut and it turns out to be the gig that keeps on giving.  It helped introduce me — a little hick in the sticks — to the big city Edmonton literary scene.  It got me invited to some cool events (most of which I couldn’t attend because of the winter weather — is that irony?) and also got me a slot in the podcast series produced to accompany the anthology.  Here’s a link to me and editor/writer/nice guy Jason Lee Norman celebrating the book writer-style — locked in a little room.

Jennifer Quist’s 40 Below Interview and Reading

Acceptance Letter Day

The Forty-Below Project, coming November 2013

The Forty-Below Project, coming November 2013

I don’t think I’ve ever got an acceptance letter as long and thoughtful as the one I got this week from Jason Lee Norman’s “40 Below Project.”  Jason is putting together an anthology of stories and art about life in the city of Edmonton, Alberta during the winters. 

Don’t know Edmonton?  Well, I’m confident in saying it’s the only metropolitan area with a population of over a million people at this latitude or higher anywhere in the western hemisphere of this planet.  Sounds like a blast, eh?  A big, icy blast…

The project accepted my submission, a short bit of creative non-fiction called “Bleeders.”  There was some talk on Twitter about the vampire story someone submitted.  The title notwithstanding, mine was not the vampire story.

The 40 Below anthology is going to be produced in book form and it’s scheduled for release in November 2013.  Don’t worry, Edmonton should be well into winter by then.