Finding the Books

The Apocalypse of Morgan Turner, released March 10, 2018 by Linda Leith Publishing of Montreal

Making its way into bookstores and always available in paperback or ebook from retailers including:

Chapters Indigo here here

Directly from Linda Leith Publishing here

It will be available as a paperback in the US from retailers including  here

If any titles are difficult to find, please contact me personally for a copy.

Sistering released August 15, 2015

Order Sistering online at Amazon, Chapters-Indigo, Barnes and Noble, or directly from the publisher.

Linda Leith Publishing Website

In the US: orders

Barnes and Noble

 Where to Find Love Letters of the Angels of Death

Order paperback or ebooks online from:

And outside Canada at:

Barnes and Noble

This is an older title getting tricky to find. Please contact the publisher or me personally to arrange shipment.

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