We Have a Release Date…

Novel release date, 15 Aug. 2015

We’ve got a release date for Sistering, my upcoming novel.

Yes, “release date” can mean many things, especially in a family like mine where one of us works in the criminal justice system.

What I mean by it is the book will be available in print and ebook formats from Linda Leith Publishing, online bookstores, and on the shelves of fine bookstores beginning August 15, 2015.

That is, as long as I get off the Internet and get the latest revisions resubmitted on time. Fighting!

Amazon.ca Jumps the Gun

Even though the official release date isn’t until Saturday — about 36 hours from now — a friend of mine has already received her copy of my book.  Couldn’t have happened to a cooler person!  Thanks for sending me this picture, Janine.