Getting Ready for the Blue Met

I’ve booked my ticket and my cheap but not inexpensive hotel room and I’m all set to fly to Montreal in four weeks for the Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival.  It’ll be my first time in Montreal outside the airport or the freeway and my first visit to a literary festival in any capacity.  In keeping with my out-of-step career path, at my first literary festival I’ll be appearing as an author with three spots on the programme.  As always, I’m humble and happy to be included in such a great event — and glad everyone’s cool with me performing only in English.

Link to the festival programme 

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Blue Met

  1. Sounds fun. Be sure to get down to old Montreal and walk down rue St. Paul from the basilica down to Notre Dame de Bon Secours chapel. There’s a neat little museum in it about Margurete Bourgeoys. Good restaurants all along the street there espececially the creperie just a few blocks from the basilica on rue St. Paul. TCS Sent from my iPad


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